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How to Plant Farmer Phil's Biodegradable Pots?

Farmer Phil’s biodegradable pots are created to make gardening easier. Not everyone has a background in horticulture, but you still deserve a garden of well-tended, healthy vegetables. Our pots can easily be placed in the ground following the directions that come with them. If you need additional reference, a Farmer Phil’s biodegradable pot can be planted as so:

  • Keeping the plants in the pots, water them, nearly drenching them, before planting. Let them drain.
  • Remove the label from the pot.
  • Bury the pot into the ground so that it’s level – not under or below. This only varies for tomato and cabbage plants, however. These two must be buried deeper into the ground.
  • Prevent air pockets from forming. When adding the soil around the root ball, press it enough into the hole to leave no spaces.
  • After all plants have been added to the soil, water them again.



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