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Swiss Chard Bright Lights

Swiss Chard is a member of the beet family. Although the plant doesn’t have a bulb, Swiss chard and beet greens are very similar. When adding any Swiss Chard varieties to your garden, transplants can be planted in spring in areas with shade and close together in rows. Swiss Chard is extremely tolerant as a vegetable and can withstand crowding, frosts, poor soil, and most garden pests. Typically, a crop is ready in about four to six weeks, and, if you want to continue growing leaves, trim back the plants in the summer.

Swiss Chard comes in a few colors, and the bright lights variety is one of the green options. This type of Swiss Chard is also known for a scalloped formation of leaves. When adding bright lights Swiss chard, place transplants about an inch apart from each other in an area that will get at least six hours of sun. The soil, additionally, should have compost and fertilizer worked into it before any transplants are added and should have good drainage. If you plan to use Swiss chard all year, cutting back the leaves in summer is recommended for the plant to grow newer growth.

For growing Swiss Chard, we recommend:

Harvest: 60 days.
Exposure: Full sun.
Water Needs: Keep evenly moist.
Fertilizer: Fertilize when planting and as needed to maintain healthy growth.

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