Its' in the Biodegradable Pot!

Our Biodegradable Pots are simple to Plant!
Check out our varieties below and plant your dream garden without the hassle or stress of other methods of planting.


Farmer Phil's Veggie Varieties
Farmer Phil's Herb Varieties

Farmer Phil's varieties have been selected to perform for you weather you are a first time veggie grower or a seasoned pro. Many varieties you will recognize especially in the say, tomato group. The varieties have been chosen for many reasons. Some like Tomato Black Krim because they are unusual and fun others because they yield great amounts of fruit and taste good  like Tomato Sweet 100 and still others like Tomato San Marzano for their specific use and taste.

Farmer Phil transplants are grown in our own greenhouses to make sure you are getting an expertly grown plant that is ready to perform just the way we say it should. We field test our selections every year right here on our farm to make sure they grow as we say and are true to the name.

As the last plant is planted for this year rest assure that we are already planning next years selections and will be testing all the new varieties offered to see if they are better for you . If they meet our strict guidelines, then you will see them offered next year.

We encourage you to check out the tags or our variety descriptions so you can find the veggie or herb that fits just what you want.    


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