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Okra plants can grow to be six feet tall, but the pods themselves need to be picked once they’re three to four inches long. In some cases, such as with Millionaire Okra, even the flowers can be picked and eaten. Smaller pods are still tender and will have more flavor; if they grow any larger than four inches, the tenderness and flavor are reduced. When adding these to your garden, space each transplant ten inches apart in rows three feet apart. Expect a crop to mature in 50 to 64 days.

Millionaire Okra is one species of this plant that is often fried, canned, and added to stews. One notable fact about millionaire okra is the edible flowers. When you go to harvest this plant, both the flowers and pods three to four inches long can be picked together. This type of okra plant also makes several dark-colored pods that mature in 50 days and, additionally, can be grown in containers or a garden.

For growing Millionaire Okra, some of our suggestions are:

Harvest: 50 days.
Exposure: Full sun. Dislikes frost. Likes hot climate.
Water Needs: Water when dry.
Fertilizer: Fertilize when planting and when plants are actively growing.

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