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Farmer Phil's BBush Pickle Cucumber

Bush Pickle Cucumber

This bush variety of cucumbers is known for being even more compact. Bush pickle cucumbers take up minimal space in your garden, with only half the space as ordinary bush cucumbers. Fruit for this plant matures early. Transplants should be added every 12 to 18 inches and, if grown on hills, four to five feet between hills. Full sun, with regular water and mulch, are needed and the plant will mature in about 54 days. Fertilizer should also be added when planting and then when the plant begins to bloom. The fruits should be four to five inches long for harvesting.

Some of our suggestions for growing bush pickles include:

Harvest: 57 days.
Exposure: Full sun.
Water Needs: Keep evenly moist.
Fertilizer: Fertilize when planting and when plants begin to bloom.

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