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Farmer Phil's Snow Crown Cauliflower

Snow Crown Cauliflower

Most cauliflower plants have a head size of six inches, including medium-sized cauliflower variety Snow Crown. Regardless of the type of cauliflower you plant, all have inner leaves to protect the buds and are more resistant to cold weather than other plants. But, although they can withstand colder weather, cauliflower should be in an area with full sun and all transplants you add should be about 18 to 24 inches apart.

Snow Crown is one variety of cauliflower that falls in the mid-range for size. These plants are considered to be annuals or biennials, depending upon which zone they’re planted in, and often yield a crop in summer or early fall. When adding snow crown cauliflower to your garden, make sure each transplant is 24 inches apart in an area with full sun. While growing, these plants need full sun and moist soil, it can handle light frosts. The plants should be fertilized when first added and then again before they bloom. The final crop should have seven to eight-inch heads, weighing one to two pounds each.

Harvest: 50-60 days.
Exposure: Full sun. Likes cool weather.
Water Needs: Keep evenly moist.
Fertilizer: Fertilize when planting and when plants begin to bloom.

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