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Lettuce is a plant that produces as much of a product in as little of a space as possible. While most types of lettuce need about eight inches between, they can be added between taller vegetables in your garden, especially as most aren’t affected negatively by shade. Generally, most types of lettuce grow in mild weather between early spring and fall in the sun. Additionally, the soil composition is also important for growing any lettuce transplants. The soil should be fertile and well-drained but also nitrogen-rich. A combination of compost mature or cottonseed meal should be added during planting. When adding lettuce to your garden, plant them one month after the last frost in spring or four to eight weeks before the first frost in fall.

Gourmet Blend Lettuce

Gourmet Blend Lettuce
Gourmet blend lettuce covers all types of colors, including green ice, red oak, prize leaf, red salad bowl, salad bowl, and ruby






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