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Farmer Phil's Greek Hot and Spicy Oregano

Greek Hot and Spicy Oregano

Hot and spicy describes this oregano aptly. The flavor for this particular variety is considered extremely potent. If you plan to add hot and spicy oregano to your garden, realize that the plant grows three feet tall and should only be grown in zones 5 through 9. All other gardening tips for oregano are similar as any variety, including giving full sun and well-drained soil to the plant.

Recipe: Oregano and Feta Hors D'Oeuvres

Why not try oregano when making hors d’oeurves? Here’s our recipe for oregano and feta hors d’oeurves:

1 package block Feta cheese
Chopped fresh oregano

Drizzle olive oil over a chunk of feta cheese and sprinkle with fresh oregano.

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