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Italian, or flat leaf, parsley is a variety known for its flat, hand-shaped leaves. Nevertheless, growing this variety is like growing any other. As an annual, Italian parsley can grow to be 12 inches tall and needs full sun to some shade. Additionally, the soil in this area of your garden should be light and well-drained. When adding these transplants, you should keep 15 inches between them in your garden or add them to containers.

Recipe: Baked Spaghetti with Italian Parsley

Want to spice up ordinary spaghetti? Here’s our recipe for baked spaghetti with Italian parsley:

1 7oz package of cooked spaghetti
1 cup water
1 28oz jar spaghetti sauce
12 frozen precooked Italian meatballs
2 Tbsp shredded parmesan
2 Tbsp finely chopped parsley

Grease 12" x 8" baking dish, mix spaghetti, water, sauce, meatballs, until spaghetti is covered. Seal in foil, refrigerate for 8 hrs. Bake covered at 350° for 45 min. Uncover, sprinkle with cheese, bake for 5 min or until cheese is melted. Sprinkle with parsley.

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