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Munstead Lavender

Lavender is a plant that’s often used for its scent – especially for desserts – rather than for flavor. If you plan to add any lavender to your garden, realize that this plant can tolerate high temperatures but needs 70 degree Fahrenheit soil to grow. Additionally, all lavender plants should be added to an area with full sun and some partial shade. As a perennial, lavender can be added to your garden in spring and is also ideal for containers.

Munstead lavender is occasionally referred to as “dwarf munstead” because of its size but, regardless of name, this type of lavender is known for bluish-purple colored flowers. Munstead lavender can tolerate high levels of heat without being affected, and the soil, for planting, should be about 70 degrees Fahrenheit to grow. Other conditions for growing munstead lavender in your garden include full sun with some shade and 18-inch spaces between transplants.

Recipe: Lavender Whipped Cream

Lavender is used in many dessert recipes. Here’s one of ours for lavender whipped cream:

1 cup heavy cream
3 Tbs. Lavender Flowers chopped
1 Tbs. sugar

Combine cream and flowers refrigerate eight hours. Strain flowers. Beat cream with mixer until almost stiff.

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