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Keeping Your Vegetables Watered

In general, vegetables and herbs in your garden need about an inch of water per week on average. Sometimes, more is needed. This also applies to any vegetables and herbs you plant in pots and keep outdoors or in a greenhouse. Vegetables need water to keep on growing.

When you’re watering vegetables or herbs in pots, one option is to use a breaker nozzle. If you’re unable to water your potted or garden vegetables every day, a drip system with a timer might be a better option for your plants to get the necessary moisture. This type of system signals when to water the vegetables over a period of several hours.

Once the water is in the soil, however, the chance of evaporation increases when mulch isn’t in place. Mulch, or pebbles, is often laid down over the soil to keep the moisture inside and to reduce any evaporation. Additionally, some potting soils come with a wetting agent, and this helps with keeping the soil evenly moist under mulch. Soil, particularly in pots, may become too moist from too much water and, in this case, a saucer should be at the bottom of each pot to catch the excess.





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