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Hi I'm Farmer Phil

Planting for Success!

Hi I’m Farmer Phil. Welcome. As you make your way through our website we hope that you will find all the information you need to grow a successful vegetable and herb garden. If you’ve tried a garden before and were not successful I hope that you will try again with the varieties that we have selected and use the information here to be more successful. Nothing is better than growing and harvesting your own vegetables and herbs fresh form the garden. Fresh clean veggies to use all summer long in your favorite recipes or from some of ours.

So let’s get started. Plan the varieties you are going to grow prepare your bed and plant your plants. Your first harvest is just around the corner. Good luck and thanks for visiting us.


We have over 50 varieties of vegetables to choose from. All are hand picked by Farmer Phil to perform.


Herbs can be planted right in your garden or in decorative containers on your patio or deck.

Growing Tips

Using Farmer Phil's varieties has never been easier! Choose from our select recipes and enjoy!

Farmer Phil varieties have been selected for success. Many are familiar varieties that have been grown for years and some are newer having been developed for the smaller gardens even for patio containers. Take a look at the individual descriptions to better select the plants that are right for your specific needs.  We grow our plants to be vigorous and healthy in an environmentally friendly greenhouse in a biodegradable pot. Custom care tags are on every plant and our getting started fact sheet is available at the garden center to take home as well.  

Farmer Phil's Veggie Varieties
Farmer Phil's Herb Varieties

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