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Selecting a Garden Site

Where is the best place for your garden and even each plant individually? Some plants need full sun, while others need a little bit of shade, and your garden can be planned out as such. Of course, this can depend upon which area you live in. Plants that may need full sun in zones 1 to 7 may need some shade in zones 8 to 11. Nevertheless, the average standard for planting most vegetables and herbs are to plant them in a sunny spot, regardless of whether they’re warm or cool weather plants. All vegetables should have at least six hours of sun per day, with eight to ten hours being ideal.

Aside from sun, another important factor in finding a garden site is drainage. Soil shouldn’t be too wet but neither too dry nor rocky. Soil that’s too wet will result in rotting roots, and thus a rotting plant, and soil too dry results in yellowed and dry leaves and low fruit production. In the case that your soil is too hard or rocky, a raised bed of high-quality soil may need to be built at ground level, instead.

The soil in your garden should also be close to a water source. During periods of low rainfall or drought, your veggies & herbs are going to need to be watered daily. Using drip tape or a soaker hose is best as the leaves stay dry and you put the water where it is needed.





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