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Mesclun Blend Lettuce

Mesclun Blend lettuce originally started out as a combination of French and Italian types but is now known for being a wild, baby lettuce. This type of lettuce mixture needs six hours of sun, with a loamy and rich soil. Ideally, potting soil mixed with ordinary or organic fertilizer is rich enough and filled with nutrients for Mesclum. When going to harvest Mesclun, don’t wait until the heads get large. Instead, pick them when they’re still young and small.

Some of our suggestions for growing Mesclun lettuce are:

Harvest: When leaves are developed. Shear off the leaves and let the plant regrow.
Exposure: Cool temperatures. Full sun to part shade.
Water Needs: Keep soil evenly moist.
Fertilizer: Fertilize when planting and lightly periodically.

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