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Bistro Mix Lettuce

Bistro Mix lettuce isn’t a variety but, instead, a combination of various types of lettuces. These types go together often in a salad mix, so why not plant them together in your garden? Growing a mixture of lettuces isn’t much different from growing just one. These, too, only need minimal space to grow and can experience some shade or be out in the sun. The soil, additionally, should be fertile, well-drained, and nitrogen-rich, regardless of whether you plant these in the early spring or fall.

When growing Bistro Mix lettuce, some of the suggestions we have are:

Harvest: When leaves are developed. Shear the leaves and let the plant regrow.
Exposure: Cool temperatures. Full sun to part shade.
Water Needs: Keep soil moist.
Fertilizer: Fertilize when planting and lightly periodically.

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