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Growing Stevia

Stevia is one herb that isn’t used for seasoning. Instead, stevia is used as a calorie-free, natural sweetener in place of sugar. Grow the plant and after the leaves are harvested, dry them out to be used in place of sugar or an artificial sweetener. In fact, one-eighth of a teaspoon of stevia gives the sweetness of one serving of sugar. If you’re interested in growing stevia, the plant is considered an annual in most climates, except in zone 8 and higher, where it’s a perennial. However, as a perennial, its growth is significantly less during the second year. Some suggestions for growing stevia include:

  • Keep all plants in the sun in warm parts during the year. Stevia plants die during a freeze.
  • All plants should be spaced 18 inches apart.
  • Soil needed for growing stevia needs to be well-drained, loose, and loamy.
  • Before planting, wait until all signs of frost have passed. When you go to plant, consider using compost and plant food in the soil, as well as mulch.
  • Plants can get to be one to three feet tall and should be harvested in autumn for the most sweetness.
  • Stevia should be cut from the bottom of the stem when harvesting and then all leaves should be picked off before drying.


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